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Occitan also known as lenga d'òc by its native speakers, is a Romance language. It is spoken in southern France, Italy's Occitan Valleys, Monaco, and Spain's ...

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Occitan. Occitan is a Romance language spoken mainly in southern France and also in Italy and Spain. There are perhaps 1.5 million people who speak Occitan  ...

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Occitan language (also called Provençal or Languedoc) is a Romance language spoken by about 1,500,000 people in southern France. All Occitan speakers ...

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Children who learn it in school cannot communicate in Occitan with their parents (2012). Home, (rural) community. Few children learn the language. Positive ...

Nov 19, 2010 ... Linguistic Diversity Occitan#6038 .... Assimil - L'occitan sur France 3 - Duration: 3: 51. ... Chronology of the Occitan language - Duration: 2:05.

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Nov 30, 2015 ... Occitan language, also called Languedoc, modern name given by linguists to a group of dialects that form a Romance language that was ...

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Regional dossier Occitan. Foreword to the regional dossiers background. For several years now, Mercator-Education has attempted to achieve one of its ...

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Profile. Occitan is spoken in about one-third of France in the southern provinces of Languedoc, Provence, Limousin, Auvergne, Dauphiné and Gascony. Occitan ...

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Lexic occitan medieval. (òc-francés). Updated, June 6, 2004. This lexicon includes 4063 words and expressions. As usual in this field, French is kept as the  ...

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With their hand-carved olive wood handles, the knives in the Occitan range capture the lively spirit of the south. These historic roots are represented by the ...

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The History of the Languedoc: Occitan, Occitania and the troubadours


The history of the Languedoc in the South of France: The Occitan language, the territory of Occitania and the troubadours. The langue d'oc, Romance Language  ...

The History of the Languedoc: Occitan: Provençal and other Dialects


The history of the Languedoc in the South of France: The Occitan language, the territory of Occitania and the troubadours. Provencal and other Dialects.

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Jul 9, 2014 ... I am a french native speaker, coming from 'Occitania'. I have catalan cousins and friends. Occitan and Catalan were officially recognized as ...