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Offside is one of the laws of association football, codified in Law 11 of the Laws of the Game. ... Application[edit]. The application of the offside rule may be considered in three steps: offside position, offside offence and offside sanction.


The Offside Rule and Offside Trap in Football(Soccer). It is not an offence in itself to be in an offside position. A player is in an offside position if: he is nearer to ...

Apr 30, 2014 ... Simple explanation of the offside rule in association football/soccer by Aria Popel. Summary: 1. Offside position = when ahead of (*see 2) both ...


Offside. Topics. • Elements of the Law. • Offside Position. • Interfering with an opponent. • Interfering with play. • Gaining an advantage. • Recommendations ...


Offside position if: • Nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent. Not offside position if: • In his own half of the field of play.


If an offside offence occurs, the referee awards an indirect free kick where the offence occurred, including if it is in the player's own half of the field of play.


Check for offside only on the opposing half of the field. A player can only be offside if they are on the side of the ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... THE offside rule is one of the most confusing rules in football - but here it is broken down.


The offside rule is the most debated soccer principle (no matter where the game is played), even though what is known as Law 11 isn't terribly difficult to grasp.


Nov 24, 2016 ... THE offside law is one of the most fundamental rules of football and at times can be the most controversial ruling that can change the course of ...