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Cell Biology. a specialized part of a cell having some specific function; a cell organ.
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In cell biology, an organelle is a specialized sub-unit within a cell that has a specific function. Individual organelles are usually separately enclosed within their ...

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ORGANELLE, LOCATION, DESCRIPTION, FUNCTION. cell wall, plant, not animal, *outer layer *rigid, strong, stiff *made of cellulose, *support (grow tall)

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Read and learn for free about the following article: Cellular organelles and structure.

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Jun 2, 2016 ... Organelles are small, specialized structures in cells which operate like organs by carrying out specific tasks.

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Apr 13, 2004 ... Organelle, Function. Nucleus, The “brains” of the cell, the nucleus directs cell activities and contains genetic material called chromosomes ...

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The Organelle makes it easy to explore new sounds and experiment with new ways of making music. It combines playful and intuitive controls with a powerful ...

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Analogous to the body's internal organs, organelles are tiny cellular organs that are specialized to perform functions necessary for normal cellular operation.

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The larger organelles, such as the nucleus and vacuoles, are easily visible with moderate magnification (although sometimes a clear view requires the ...