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Ostracods, or ostracodes, are a class of the Crustacea (class Ostracoda), sometimes known as seed shrimp. Some 70,000 species have been identified ...

Ostracods - UCL


Ostracods are by far the most complex organisms studied within the field of micropalaeontology. They are Metazoa and belong to the Phylum Arthropoda (as  ...

Introduction to Ostracoda


The Ostracoda are one of the most successful crustacean groups with approximately 8000 living species. Ostracods are generally small, ranging in length from ...

World Ostracoda Database - World Register of Marine Species


The class encloses over 33,000 described species and subspecies (see Kempf Ostracoda Database for details), and many more species remain unknown to ...

Fresh Water Ostracod Crustaceans: Introduction with ... - Micrographia


A resource for light microscopists seeking to identify fresh water ostracod crustaceans, water fleas and other micro organisms. Discussion on ostracods with ...

The Starry Night Beneath the Caribbean Sea - Scientific American ...


Oct 20, 2014 ... She talked of a night dive without lights where she witnessed a mating display by animals called ostracods that made the ocean light up like a ...

Ostracods | Fossil Focus | Time | Discovering Geology | British ...


Ostracods. Ostracods (formally called Ostracoda) take their name from the Greek ' ostrakon', which means 'a shell', and refers to the bi-valved carapace that is ...

What is a halocyprid ostracod? | Natural History Museum


All the planktonic ostracods belong to the subclass Myodocopa, and most belong to the order Halocyprida, which lack obvious eyes. A few belong to the order ...

Freshwater ostracods as environmental tracers | SpringerLink


This paper revises the response of freshwater ostracods to different environmental conditions and anthropogenic impacts, with a worldwide overview of the ...

Ostracod Research at the Lake Biwa Museum, Robin J. Smith


Ostracods (Class Ostracoda) are a diverse group of small aquatic crustaceans, usually around 0.3 to 5 mm in length. Their most distinctive feature is their calcitic  ...

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