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Scallion pancake - Wikipedia


A scallion pancake is a Chinese savory, unleavened flatbread folded with oil and minced ... There is a story in China that suggests pizza is an adaptation of the scallion pancake, brought back to It...

Origin of Pizza - Italy or China?


Pizza is one of the more popular foods here in the United States. But as most American culture, it has been borrowed from our forefathers somewhere in Europe.

China: No Change in Living Conditions For Pizza the Polar Bear


3 days ago ... 50 Chinese animal rights groups join more than 1 million people in calling ... appears to show the bear, named Pizza, pacing around its small ...

China aquarium refuses to deliver 'sad bear' Pizza to UK - Phys.org


Sep 20, 2016 ... A Chinese aquarium keeping a forlorn-looking polar bear named Pizza said Tuesday it has "no need" for foreign interference, after activists ...

Tujia pizza proves that Chinese invented pizza: Shanghaiist


Feb 23, 2006 ... The provenance of this "pizza" is supposedly from one of China's ethnic ... According to this article, in May of the last year the first Tujia pizza ...

Pizza, the world's saddest polar bear, is just one of thousands of ...


Sep 22, 2016 ... Pizza was brought to the world's attention in March by NGO Animals Asia, ... is just one of thousands of “wild” animals living in malls in China ...

Where did pizza originate? - China Travel Community - Travel China ...


Sep 10, 2008 ... When Marco Polo came to China, he found that 葱油馅饼(a kind of baked scallion pancake) was ... If not, do you know where pizza originated?

Where did pizza originate? | What's Cookin' in NYC


Chinese-Owned Mexican Restaurants · Introduction ... The origin of the word pizza is uncertain. ... It is common belief that pizza was an invention by the Italians.

Pizza Hut International Sites


Yum! Restaurants International (YRI) is a powerful global growth engine for Yum! Brands, with more than 14,000 restaurants outside the U.S., China and India ...

Pizza the polar bear showing signs of mental decline in Chinese ...


20 hours ago ... Activists say Pizza, a polar bear on display at the Grandview Aquarium in a shopping mall in Guangzhou, China, is showing signs of mental ...

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Did china invent pizza and spaghetti? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 26, 2008 ... Best Answer: "For much of the 20th century, many Chinese erroneously believed that pizza was an evolution of Chinese green onion pancake, ...

'Saddest' Polar Bear Lives in a Mall in China - The New York Times


2 days ago ... Animal rights activists are demanding that a Chinese shopping center end the cramped captivity of a polar bear named Pizza. The bear is ...

Is Pizza Chinese? | the Beijinger


Oct 30, 2014 ... ... or Korean. Or maybe, just possibly, if you look at what a pizza is – a large baked crust with toppings, then could pizza have originated in China?