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With the rise of the Internet, email and websites have largely replaced postal gaming and postal games zines. Play-by-mail games ...

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Play by Email / Play by Mail List [UPDATED], A list of all known play-by-mail ( PBM) and play-by-email (PBEM) games. What are PBeM and PBM? A quick ...

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This is the PBeM & PBM List, a list of all known Play by Email and Play by Mail games. What's New? Announcements in this category: Eagle Investigations-New  ...

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A PBEM game, in the context it is used here, is a role-playing game where you participate via email rather than face to face. This has good points and bad points .

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Articles and FAQs to help players and GMs. Topics include character development, how to write good posts and how to run a PBEM game.

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You will then make the first move and your opponent will receive an email with the game in it. When they move you will receive an email and play continues.

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Feb 6, 2016 ... To PBEM a board wargame involves opponents exchanging records ... Aide-de- Card (DOS), is a PBeM aid for two-player card games and card ...

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Oct 25, 2016 ... A PBeM or Play-by-E-mail, is a game played by electronic mail. Many different games can be played by e-mail. For example, two people could ...

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Play by mail mechanics vary immensely, to the point where there are probably as many possibilities for rules in PBEMs as there are in tabletop pen ...

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Is there a list out there somewhere on what modern games work best PBEM - aka the most gameplay for the least amount of discrete turns ...