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Austria and other European nations maintained an extensive system of post offices in the ... is a double linear "CONSTAN-TINOPEL" in 1787. The latest remaining Austrian post offices in Turkey area were closed on 30 September 1914.


Grand Post Office building in Istanbul celebrating the 174th anniversary of foundation. Mailboxes, used in 1940s by PTT, from PTT Museum- Ankara. A modern PTT post box. Ptt, an abbreviation for Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı, is the national post and telegraph directorate ...


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Postane is the post office in Turkish. To buy stamps, send your mail, fax or parcel, or to send and receive or change your money, don't forget this word.


Best Post Offices in Ankara, Turkey - PTT, PTT, PTT, PTT Kargo, PTT, PTT, PTT, PTT, PTT, PTT.


Turkish Basic Course, Units 31-50, is the second of a projected three-volume series being .... O DIALOG : " At the Post Office Window' ll. . . . . . tº c & e º 'º º tº $ tº # 4 º ºs 177. 37. l. ..... 46.23 Grammar Drills on /olsa gerek/, /olmasa gerek/, /gerek / .

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