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PowerBASIC, formerly Turbo Basic, is the brand of several commercial compilers by PowerBASIC Inc. that compile a dialect of the BASIC programming ...

PowerBASIC Home Page


Mar 28, 2016 ... While the core PowerBASIC syntax is the BASIC language with Unicode support, full access to Windows API and the use of inline assembler ...

PowerBASIC Console Compiler


The PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows. With PB/CC, it's a whole ...

PowerBASIC Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.net


PowerBASIC is the brand of several commercial compilers by PowerBASIC Inc. that compile a dialect of the BASIC programming language. There are both DOS  ...

Interview with PowerBASIC founder Bob Zale - TechRepublic


Nov 29, 2011 ... PowerBASIC may be one of the software industry's best kept secrets. See what founder Bob Zale says about the compilers.



Mar 27, 2015 ... PowerBasic 2.0 was published in 1989 by Spectra Publishing. In addition to the regular release, PB 2.1 was released as shareware in 1996 as ...

PowerBasic - The Basics' page | Comprehensive list of basic-like ...


Powerbasic is a powerfull professional development tool. It comes in two versions: the console compiler and the GUI compiler. The language offers all the  ...

PowerBasic – The Software Developer - EZGui


Mar 24, 2016 ... In this tutorial I will teach a few lessons about coding using the PowerBasic compiler by using a sample application I wrote which demonstrates ...

Swede's Dock - PowerBasic shortcuts


Jul 13, 2016 ... Tips & Links. to help Newbies get over the PBWin hump. Note - these links are in no particular order. IOW, the top ones are not necessarily ...

PowerBASIC 2.x - Stats, Downloads and Screenshots :: WinWorld


PowerBASIC is a DOS/Windows compiler of the BASIC dialect. Have something to share about PowerBASIC? Tell us! Comments on any WinWorld articles are ...

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PowerBASIC Peer Support Community


Discussions about the PowerBASIC Console .... About the Community Forums.

PowerBasic - buyer beware...-VBForums


Having been a PowerBasic user for ten years I feel its time to make a few comments about the product that most people coming to it for the first ...

PowerBASIC - Gary Beene


As part of my interest in BASIC dialects, I've created this PowerBASIC section to provide programmers with information about the product - information that will ...