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Projective space


In mathematics, a projective space can be thought of as the set of lines through the origin of a vector space V. The cases when V = R<sup>2</sup> and V = R<sup>3</sup> are the...

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Projective definition, of or relating to projection. See more.

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1 : relating to, produced by, or involving geometric projection. 2 : of or relating to something that indicates the psychodynamic constitution of an individual ...

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4 August, 2016. Breda 21/06/2016 – Projective, specialised in project management in the financial sector, has joined forces with the Koninklijke... Read more ...

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Mathematics Designating a property of a geometric figure that does not vary when the figure undergoes projection. pro·jec′tive·ly adv. American Heritage® ...

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The most amazing result arising in projective geometry is the duality principle, which states that a duality exists between theorems such as Pascal's theorem and ...

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A projective plane, sometimes called a twisted sphere (Henle 1994, p. 110), is a surface without boundary derived from a usual plane by addition of a line at ...

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May 7, 2016 ... This means that P P is projective if for any morphism f : P → B f:P \to B and any epimorphism q : A → B q:A \to B , f f factors through q q by some ...



Projective geometry is a beautiful subject which has some remarkable applications beyond those in standard textbooks. These were pointed to by Rudolf Steiner ...

Projective Transformations


The idea of a projective plane can be applied to $n$-dimensional space in order to define projective n-space. Of particular interest is projective 3-space.

of or relating to projection.
produced, or capable of being produced, by projection.
Psychology. of, relating to, or noting a test or technique for revealing the hidden motives or underlying personality structure of an individual by the use of ambiguous or unstructured test materials, as ink blots, cloud pictures, or cartoons, that encourage spontaneous responses.
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