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How to Calculate a Pulse
Your pulse, also known as your heart rate, measures how many times per minute your heart beats. The higher your pulse, the harder your heart is working. It is useful to know your pulse when you exercise so you can tell how hard you are working. You can... More »
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The Heart Rate Calculator uses the Pulse Rate (the number of times your heart contracts and relaxes per minute) to calculate your current Heart Rate. Then, the  ...


Pulse rate or heart rate chart helps you to find out the recommended pulse rate for your age. This calculator covers the average pulse rate for all age groups ...


Use Medindia's blood pressure calculator to check whether your blood pressure is at ... The calculator compares your blood pressure with that of the normal range for your .... Heart rate (pulse rate) during physical exertion calculator calculates ...


With one hand, feel your pulse by placing your index and middle fingers on your lower neck, on either side of the windpipe. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.


Use the target heart rate calculator to determine your maximum heart rate for exercise and physical activity. The heart rate calculator will help you identi...


Check your BP value with our blood pressure calculator. Navigation: .... Went to Pharmacy yesterday and the reading was 159/100 and pulse rate 79. How is it ...


This pulse pressure calculator calculates the pulse pressure from the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure.


Target pulse Rate/ Heart Beat Calculator calculates a very close approximation of a targetted maximum heart beat to be monitored during exercise. By this ...


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