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In general, a query is a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry. A query may also refer to: The Queries, a set of 31 questions outlined by Isaac Newton beginning ...

Query | Definition of Query by Merriam-Webster


a question or a request for information about something. Source: Merriam- Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: query in a sentence. Tip: Synonym guide.

What is Query (Database Query)? Webopedia Definition


A query is a request for information from a database. There are three general methods for posing queries: Choosing parameters from a menu, query by example ...

query - Wiktionary


query (plural queries). A question, an inquiry (US), an enquiry ... passed to a database. The database admin switched on query logging for debugging purposes.

query Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary


3 days ago ... query meaning, definition, what is query: a question, often expressing doubt about something or looking for an answer from an…. Learn more.

PHP: mysqli::query - Manual


mysqli::query -- mysqli_query — Performs a query on the database ... For non- DML queries (not INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE), this function is similar to calling  ...

Terms Query - Elasticsearch


"constant_score" : { "filter" : { "terms" : { "user" : ["kimchy", "elasticsearch"]} } } }. The terms query is also aliased with in as the filter name for simpler usage.

Query (Java(TM) EE 7 Specification APIs) - Oracle Help Center


int, getFirstResult(). The position of the first result the query object was set to retrieve. ... Execute a SELECT query that returns a single untyped result. boolean  ...

Query (Java EE 5 SDK) - Oracle Help Center


Execute a SELECT query and return the query results as a List. ... if called for a Java Persistence query language UPDATE or DELETE statement ...

Mongoose Queries v4.4.14


When executing a query with a callback function, you specify your query as a JSON document. The JSON document's syntax is the same as the MongoDB shell.

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Query | Define Query at Dictionary.com


an inquiry from a writer to an editor of a magazine, newspaper, etc., regarding the acceptability of or interest in an idea for an article, news story, or the like: ...

Query - definition of query by The Free Dictionary


A doubt in the mind; a mental reservation. 3. A notation, usually a question mark, calling attention to an item in order to question its validity or accuracy.

Query DSL - Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch provides a full Query DSL based on JSON to define queries. Think of the Query DSL as an AST of queries, consisting of two types of clauses:.