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REBOL/View was released in April 2001, adding graphical abilities on the core language. REBOL/IOS, an extensible collaboration environment built with ...

REBOL/View Features


Mar 7, 2010 ... REBOL/View is built on the REBOL/Core kernel which includes 14 Internet protocols, compression, dozens of built-in datatypes, sandboxes, ...

A Beginner's Guide to REBOL Visual Interfaces (VID)


Mar 31, 2010 ... With REBOL/View it's easy and quick to create your own user interfaces. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the basic concepts or ...

REBOL/View Graphic System Reference


Apr 1, 2010 ... The REBOL/View engine was designed to be powerful yet minimal. Rather than build a user interface system based on static interface ...

REBOL/View VID Developer's Guide


Apr 1, 2010 ... VID is implemented as a layer that rides on top of the REBOL/View graphical compositing system. VID provides shortcut expressions that are ...

REBOL: View - Function Summary


View - Function Summary. Summary: Displays a window face. Usage: view view- face. Arguments: view-face - The view-face argument. (must be: object) ...

REBOL/View Demo Gallery


May 20, 2010 ... These programs run on any REBOL/View system platform. Note the sizes! ... The rest is a REBOL header that describes the program. Here's a ...

Rebol/View Tips and Techniques - codeconscious.com


This page is a collection of bits of information that people may find useful when using Rebol/View. Updating the display. Hiding a field. > I have the following: ...

Concise Guide to Rebol/View

www.cis.upenn.edu/~matuszek/Concise Guides/Concise Rebol-View.html

Rebol [ Author: David Matuszek Date: 6-Jan-2011 ] view layout [ backdrop % parchment.jpg across title "(Title) Rebol styles" return banner "(Banner) Rebol ...

VID/View Notes - codeconscious.com


I decided to create this document while learning the capabilities of Rebol/View. It resembles a bunch of notes. I figured the best time to record my "ahas" was ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How do I reinstall REBOL/View?
A: I uninstalled Rebol view from my Windows XP system. I want to install rebol again but it doesn't install. Double-click works fine but it doesn't make the direct... Read More »
Source: www.rebol.com
Q: How to just pop up a wait message window in rebol view?
A: What about this? View/new win: layout [button "Do-It" [print "ok"]] repeat i 10 [print i wait 0:0:1] ;lengthy-task Unview win Read More »
Source: stackoverflow.com
Q: Rebol/View: How to assign images to layout already created?
A: to make the do-events note clear, I added a little answer here so I can add some inline code. here is an example where you'd want your do-events to be used. vie... Read More »
Source: stackoverflow.com
Q: Is there a help system for REBOL/View?
A: All the documentation is on. http://www.rebol.com/docs/docs.html. page, see "Graphical Programming" section for View. Unfortunately View documentation is not th... Read More »
Source: stackoverflow.com
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Download REBOL/View


Jan 8, 2011 ... Download the latest production version of REBOL/View for your platform.