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The Girl in the Taxi is the English-language adaptation by Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis of the operetta Die keusche Susanne (1910 in Magdeburg), with music by Jean Gilbert. The German original had a libretto by Georg Okonkowski. ... B. W. Findon, writing in The Play Pictorial called this "The merriest of musical ...


Apr 5, 2009 ... Europe Forum: What is the customary tip? Is it a percentage, like in the US? ...


Pizza-Taxi Bella Madina in Ettlingen, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun ... German (3). Recommended reviews in German There are no English reviews yet !


tipping ettiquette for Hotels, restaurants, spas, taxi drivers, hair dressers and tour guides in Germany.


5 Answers. Lutz Enke, Living in Hamburg, Germany — 1 kid, 2 cats — working at Google ... Where? Standard is restaurants / cafés with table service and taxis.


Lufthansa/United has the best flights from San Francisco to Germany with direct flights either to Frankfurt ... Taxis do not cruise but can be ordered from hotels or the nearest commercial establishment. .... Transmar Travel Hotel (Best Western)


Aug 25, 2010 ... Taxi drivers in Germany are accustomed to relatively small tips. ... At fancier restaurants, regardless of whether it is lunch or dinner, Germans ...


Jan 31, 2017 ... Too much? Too little? What is just right? This guide will help you understand how much to tip in Germany for restaurants, hotels, taxis and for ...


The Taxi Butlers are placed at Restaurants & bars, Hotels and Company receptions. When customers are in need of a taxi, they can make an order with the click ...