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The Roman Empire was the post-Roman Republic period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors and large ...

The Roman Empire


Includes biographies of emperors, timelines, interactive maps, and sections on the society and the military.

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The Roman Empire, at its height (c. 117 CE), was the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. By 285 CE the empire had grown...

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Greek culture and civilization, which came to Rome via Greek colonies to the south, provided the early Romans with a model on which to build their own culture.

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The Roman Empire in the first century AD mixed sophistication with brutality and could suddenly lurch from civilization, strength and power to terror, tyranny and ...

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M=1000. D = 500. I. 1. XXXII. 32. LXIII. 63. XCIV. 94. II. 2. XXXIII. 33. LXIV. 64. XCV. 95. III. 3. XXXIV. 34. LXV. 65. XCVI. 96. IV. 4. XXXV. 35. LXVI. 66. XCVII. 97. V.

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Why were the Romans so famous? In this BrainPOP movie Tim and Moby introduce you to the great achievements of the Roman Republic. You'll find out who ...

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With its borders secure and a stable central government, the Roman empire enjoyed a period of prosperity, technological advance, great achievements in the  ...

The Ancient Romans
In legend Rome was founded in 753BC by Romulus, its first king. In 509BC Rome became a republic ruled by the Senate (wealthy landowners and elders) and the Roman people. During the 450 years of the republic Rome conquered the rest of Italy and then... More »