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The Romani or Roma, are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group, living mostly in Europe and the Americas and originating from the northern regions of the Indian  ...

Gypsy Culture: Customs, Traditions & Beliefs - Live Science


Jan 26, 2015 ... The Romani ethnic group, often called Gypsies, have unique customs, spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions.

5 Intriguing Facts About the Roma People - Live Science


Oct 23, 2013 ... Here are five intriguing facts about the Romani. ... origins: Often called the Roma or the Romani people, they're also known as gitanos in Spain, ...

FRUA | Romani (Gypsy) Cultures


The Romani are widely known in the English-speaking world by the name " Gypsies" (or "Gipsies"), a holdover from the time when these people were thought to ...

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Romani language phrases, names, sample texts, examples of Romani used in other languages and a Romani and English glossary.

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On Jan 10 @1000days tweeted: "STUDY: #Romani women in Europe experienc.. " - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

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The Romani have been a popular subject in media due to the many colorful stereotypes associated with the culture. First, gypsies are usually shown as …

Word, Image and Thought: Creating the Romani Other | FXB Center ...


Oct 5, 2016 ... Romani studies has established itself as a secluded field of intellectual inquiry in the academic world. Anthropologists, historians, sociologists ...

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Romani (Řomani ćhib) refers to is a group of languages that spoken by the Romani people. These languages belong to the Indo-Aryan branch of the ...

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Information about the history and use of Romani language in the UK, from the BBC Multilingual Nation project.