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Saintpaulia goetzeana · Saintpaulia inconspicua · Saintpaulia ionantha · Saintpaulia pusilla · Saintpaulia shumensis · Saintpaulia teitensis ...

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Culture. The soil for growing African violets must be porous to allow surplus water to pass through readily. Most violets are now grown in pasteurized soilless ...

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Botanical Name: Saintpaulia hybrids. Dependable bloomers, African violet plants top any list of favorite flowering house plants. Dainty African violets form a ...

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African Violet sometimes called Saintpaulia, is a simple compact houseplant that has many fans across the globe. It's easy to get the flowers to re bloom and this ...

African Violet


The African Violet, Saintpaulia ionantha, is among the most popular of house plants with wholesale sales in 1995 exceeding 25 million dollars. This popularity is ...



Saintpaulia is the genus to which the immensely popular "African Violet" belongs. It originates in eastern Africa, primarily Tanzania and Kenya, where it may still ...

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Find out all you need to about caring for Wisteria. Read advice from RHS to find out everything from growing your own plants, fruit & veg to winter pruning.

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Saintpaulia is a member of the Gesneriaceae family and contains approx. 6 members, native to Africa (e. g. Kenya, Tanzania). Because of their similarity with the ...

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5 Litres Saintpaulia Compost (456). Specially formulated for growing these dainty plants. There is enough in one 5 litre bag to ...(click to see more) ...

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The genus Saintpaulia has generally stood as a distinct taxonomic unit after its description by Wendland from plants collected by Baron von St. Paul in 1892, and ...

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Aug 12, 2013 ... Saintpaulia or African Violet is a flowering plant that originated in Africa. Popular as houseplants in cooler regions of the globe, there are ...

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Mar 1, 2016 ... An introduction to growing African violets. These popular houseplants have been a favorite for more than century because of their beauty, size ...

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The African violet is one of the most popular flowering house plants from the saintpaulia genus. The genus has about 20 species and thousands of varieties.