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The Sami people are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden,  ...

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Apr 11, 2016 ... Finds suggest that the Sami people have lived in the Arctic region for thousands of years. The Sami today maintain their rich culture and ...

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Join a dogsled expedition, learn to throw a lasso and experience the Sami culture first hand in Karasjok and Kautokeino.

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The Sami (Lapp) people have inhabited the northern portions of Scandinavia, Finland and eastward over the Russian Kola Peninsula since ancient times.

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​Community - First and foremost, we are a learning community. Careful planning and design of school culture has helped us rely on the strengths of each staff ...

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In the far north of Europe, ancient sounds, unique craftwork traditions and a particular language live side by side with modern technology. The Sami culture is the ...

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Ella-Li Spik of Jokkmokk, Sweden, is one of only a small percentage of Sami who grow up herding reindeer. She is part of a new generation with plans to attend ...

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Sami. The People Who Walk With Reindeer. By Jessica Benko. Photograph by Erika Larsen. Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, near the jagged tips of  ...

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The configuration file must return an instance of Sami\Sami and the first argument of the constructor is the path to the code you want to generate documentation ...

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An introduction to the Sami people.


Sami the reindeer people previously known as Lapps the native / indigenous people of Scandinavia is presented with short essays on art history events music  ...

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There are over 370 million indigenous people in some 90 countries, living in all regions of the world. The Sami are the indigenous people living in the very north  ...

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Sami, also spelled Saami, or Same, Sami Sabme, also called Lapp , any member of a people speaking the Sami language and inhabiting Lapland and adjacent ...