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Serah bat Asher was, in the Tanakh, a daughter of Asher, the son of Jacob. She is one of the seventy members of the patriarch's family who emigrated from ...

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Serah Farron [sɛrə] is a supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII, the protagonist of Final...

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SERAH BAT ASHER IN RABBINIC LITERATURE. MOSHE REISS. INTRODUCTION. Serah daughter of Asher. 1 was one of the two women listed among the.

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Serah. A daughter of Asher, thrice named among those who migrated to Egypt, Genesis 46:17; Numbers 26:46; 1 Chronicles 7:30. Why she was thus ...

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If we read only the Scriptures, we would not count Serah bat Asher among these women, but the Midrash invents a number of stories that credit Serah with a role ...

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Web site for information on Serah - singer, songwriter, composer.

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Serah, a daughter of Asher, was a granddaughter of Jacob by his wife Leah's handmaid Zilpah. In the kjv of Numbers 26:46 she is called Sarah, but the asv cites ...

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Moses addressed himself to Serah when he wished to learn where the remains of Joseph were to be buried (Soṭah 13a; Deut. R. xi.). According to the Midrash ...

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There are a plethora of midrashic traditions about Serah daughter of Asher, and thus the faceless Biblical character becomes a fascinating personality.

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Serah Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. SERAH se'-ra (serach, ' abundance'): Daughter of Asher (Genesis 46:17; Numbe.

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Serah is the daughter of Asher, the son of Jacob (Genesis 46:17). The only thing we know about her is that she was one of the sixty-six persons who came with ...