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Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law can apply to humans so that people can be treated as property, and can be owned, ...

Slavery in America - Black History -

Find out more about the history of Slavery in America, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

Facts about the Slave Trade and Slavery | The Gilder Lehrman ...

Slavery in the US was distinctive in the near balance of the sexes and the ability of the slave population to increase its numbers by natural reproduction.
What were the lives of Africans and African Americans like under slavery in America? Read about how slaves survived the brutal institution and its aftermath. More »
By Femi Lewis, Guide

Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World

How many slaves work for you? There are 27 million slaves in the world today. Many of them contribute to the supply chains that end up in the products we use ...

Anti-Slavery - What is modern slavery

Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century. The practice still continues today in one form or another in every country in the world. From women forced ...

Slavery Today « Free the Slaves

There are tens of millions of people trapped in various forms of slavery throughout the world today. Researchers estimate that 21 to 36 million are enslaved ...

African American Odyssey: Slavery--The Peculiar Institution (Part 1)

Exhibit that explores the methods used by Africans and their American-born descendants to resist enslavement, as well as to demand emancipation and full ...

Slavery and the Making of America . Timeline | PBS

Slavery and the Making of America Dramatic re-enactment of slaves being transported ... America and slavery developed side by side; their shared history was ...

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Q: What is slavery?
A: -noun 1. the condition of a slave; bondage. 2. the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution. 3. a state of subjection like that of a slave: He was kept in... Read More »
Q: Why was there slavery?
A: basically, there were countries in europe (like spain and other surrounding countries) who were exploring new lands and the last one that the europeans came acr... Read More »
Q: How to Stop Slavery in the US.
A: Instructions. Get educated. One of the biggest problems related to contemporary slavery in the US is a lack of knowledge about the trend. Many call it the "hidd... Read More »
Q: When will Georgia apologize for slavery?
A: I suppose it may be productive politically, socially to have the state of Georgia apologize but I wonder on a practical level what is the point?  If offense has... Read More »
Q: How will slavery be abolished?
A: Slavery can be abolished economically. Slaves will only work as hard as they are being beaten. There is no incentive to work hard and thus puts a drag on the pr... Read More »