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Sparse matrix


In numerical analysis, a sparse matrix is a matrix in which most of the elements are zero. By contrast, if most of the elements are nonzero, then the matrix is ...



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Sparse definition, thinly scattered or distributed: a sparse population. See more.

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Define sparse: present only in small amounts : less than necessary or normal especially : thinly covering an area : not thick or full—usage, synonyms, more.

Definition: A matrix is sparse if many of its values are zero. A division of sample data into discrete bins (that is into a multinomial table) is sparse if many of the bins have no data in them. More »
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Something that's sparse is thin, not dense. If you're looking for the perfect place to build a tree house, a sparse forest is probably not your best bet. From the Latin ...

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This MATLAB function converts a full matrix into sparse form by squeezing out any zero elements.

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Occurring, growing, or settled at widely spaced intervals; not thick or dense. [Latin sparsus, past participle of spargere, to scatter.] sparse′ly adv. sparse′ness ...

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Oct 19, 2009 ... Sparse - a Semantic Parser for C. About Sparse. Sparse, the semantic parser, provides a compiler frontend capable of parsing most of ANSI C ...

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sparse (comparative sparser, superlative sparsest) ... sparse (third-person singular simple present sparses, present participle sparsing, simple past and past ...

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A: Sparse means 'thinly spread' or not much. Read More »
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Q: What is sparse?
A: (spärs) adj. , spars·er , spars·est . Occurring, growing, or settled at widely spaced intervals; not thick or dense. [Latin sparsus, past participle of spargere... Read More »
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A: ( ′spärs·nəs ) (mathematics) The property of a nonlinear programming problem which has many variables, but whose objective and constraint functions each involve... Read More »
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