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Spectravideo, or SVI, was an American computer company founded in 1981 as " SpectraVision" by Harry Fox. They originally made video games for Atari 2600 ...

Roger's Spectravideo Page


Jan 6, 2009 ... There where a lot of different computers to choose from; Commodore, Atari, Sinclair, Oric, Apple, Dragon and Spectravideo. Spectravideo was ...

Spectravideo Documents


Spectravideo brochures, advertisements, user manuals, technical documentation and magazines. Brochures and advertisements. Spectravision advertisement

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM Museum ~ Spectravideo SVI 728


Spectravideo was the only american MSX manufacturer, but they were later bought back by their manufacturer based in Honk-Kong. For their first computers, the ...

Oct 27, 2015 ... A new retro computer joins the collection all the way from Finland. I used to own a Spectravideo SVI-728 machine back in the day, and it was in ...

Spectra Video Productions: Las Vegas Video Production


Las Vegas Video Production Studio specializing in film and Hi-Def field aquisition and Hi-Def Post Production, high-end Corporate Videos, Commercial Video ...

Apr 17, 2011 ... Source: Original Spectravideo SVI-728 from 1984 Game: Nemesis (Konami 1986 ) Today I found my old MSX from 1984 and hooked it up to my ...

SVI-738 - Old-Computers.com


It was called SPECTRAVIDEO XPRESS because it was delivered with a bag to easily carry it around in. The XPRESS designation was also used in a MSX 2 and  ...

Rune's PC-Museum - Spectravideo page


The Spectravideo had a Z80 CPU running at 3.6 MHz, 32 K RAM and 48 K Microsoft Extended BASIC ROM. This computer uses a external PAL-RF converter to ...

Spectravideo: MSX Info pages


Thanks to Tomas Karlson, all relevant technical manuals and software on the Spectravideo SVI.318 and SVI.328. And some SVI.728 and other Spectravideo ...

The Spectravideo SVI-738 X'Press was an MSX1 compatible home computer manufactured by Spectravideo from 1985. Although compatible with the MSX 1.0  ... More »
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Spectravideo software


Spectravideo Software Spectravideo used both cassettes and cartridges for their games. Their selection of titles wasn't any good compared to Commodore 64, ...

Spectravideo SV-318


Spectravideo SV-318. The classic! Spectravideo's first real computer. The red joystick made it stand out from the crowd. Launched at Winter CES 1983 in Las ...

SpectraVideo 328 - Obsolete Computer Museum


Thanks to Stefan Jones, I now have a full SpectraVideo 328 system! It includes the expansion unit, that plugs onto the back of the main unit. The expansion unit ...