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the act of suppressing.
the state of being suppressed.
Psychoanalysis. conscious inhibition of an impulse.
Botany. the absence of parts normally or usually present due to the action of frost, disease, or insects.
Radio, Electronics. the elimination of a component of a varying emission, as the elimination of a frequency or group of frequencies from a signal.
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Censorship, the suppression of public communication considered objectionable to the general body of people as determined by a government or media outlet ...

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... under" (see sub-) + premere "push against" (see press (v.1)). Sense of "prevent or prohibit the circulation of" is from 1550s. Related: Suppressed; suppressing.

Definition: (DOD) Temporary or transient degradation by an opposing force of the performance of a weapons system below the level needed to fulfill its mission objectives. More »
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an act or instance of suppressing : the state of being suppressed. 2. : the conscious intentional exclusion from consciousness of a thought or feeling.

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In psychology, suppression is the act of stopping yourself from thinking or feeling something. It is generally presumed to be ineffective because even if you ...

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Psychiatry Conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind. 4. Botany The failure of an organ or part to develop. 5. Genetics ...

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tr.v. sup·pressed, sup·press·ing, sup·press·es. 1. To put an end to forcibly; subdue : suppress a rebellion. See Usage Note at repress. 2. To curtail or prohibit the ...

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