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Tantrix is a hexagonal tile-based abstract game invented by Mike McManaway from New Zealand. Each of the 56 different tiles in the set contains three lines, ...

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Play Tantrix games or puzzles against real people or robot players.

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The first version of Tantrix was called the "Mind Game", named after the inventor's game shop. It used 56 cardboard pieces with a yellow background and lines of ...

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Product Description. Product Description. From the Manufacturer Tantrix is a fun Award winning ... Tantrix is a great travel game that comes in its own travel bag. Play Tantrix by yourself or in a small group. This game is the winner of the 2003 ...

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Tantrix is an elegant table strategy game from New Zealand. The mixture of skill and chance makes Tantrix a fun family game.

Jul 25, 2012 ... Tantrix Gamepack The Tantrix Gamepack NOW INCLUDES GOBBLE The Tantrix Gamepack has become world renowned as an elegant and ...



Introduction. Tantrix is the brand name for a set of hexagonal Bakelite tiles. Each tile has three lines, of different colours, which go from one side to another.

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A 10-tile Tantrix set A quick internet search revealed that these tiles were from a game/puzzle called Tantrix, although it was a little confusing to figure out exactly  ...

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Tantrix Quiz is a simple yet addictive puzzle that may challenge your skills of deduction. The goal is to place all tiles onto the grid as fast as you can, while ...

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Reproduced with permission from Tantrix]. Here is a set of puzzles which call for lots of mathematical thinking if you are going to be any good at solving them.

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In Tantrix, there is both skill and an element of chance. The best player usually wins, but not always! While three or four player games are often more fun socially , ...

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Tantrix is a strategy game using painted bakelite hexagons. It was invented in New Zealand, and is clearly derived from the earlier Psyche-paths/Kaliko. Tantrix  ...

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Hi folks! We're aware that Firefox and Chrome users may currently be unable to play this game. If you're having a difficult time getting the game to work, we ...