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Targeted Accrual Redemption Note - TARN
An investment vehicle, calculated based on a variation of the LIBOR formula, which provides a guaranteed sum of coupons. Once the coupons you've recieved reaches the target cap, the note will be redeemed and you will be paid the par value of the... More »

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A tarn (or corrie loch) is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier. It is formed when either rain or river water fills the cirque. A moraine ...

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Tarn definition, a small mountain lake or pool, especially one in a cirque. See more.

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Origin and Etymology of tarn. Middle English terne, tarne, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse tjǫrn small lake. First Known Use: 14th century ...

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Lake Ellen Wilson is an example of a tarn. The back wall of the cirque containing Lake Ellen Wilson is marked on the topographic map in red. The photo was ...

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Dec 4, 2016 ... Formerly the outlier known as Damus and Glitch, Tarn is an eloquent Decepticon. He enjoys nothing more than playing beautiful music as he ...

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Welcome. Every year across England and Wales, 12,500 people die after injury. It is the leading cause of death among children and young adults of 44 years ...

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a small mountain lake: Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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A targeted accrual redemption note (TARN) is an investment vehicle, calculated based on a variation of the LIBOR formula, which provides a guaranteed sum of ...

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Best known as a mtn. glacier lake, Tarn is also a woman who is beautiful and vivacious. She is honest and kind, loving and caring, generous and intelligent.