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Tcl is a scripting language created by John Ousterhout. Originally "born out of frustration", ... platforms, both in its full form and in several other small-footprint versions. The combin...



Was Scriptics.com, firm founded by Tcl creator, and original sole author, Professor John Ousterhout. Advocacy, tutorials, documentation, links, news, software, ...

Welcome to the Tclers Wiki! - Tcl/Tk


Tk is a graphical toolkit for Tcl. It allows you to develop graphical applications that run on Windows, Linux, MacOS X and many other platforms. And not just from ...

Tcl/Tk Tutorial


Tcl/Tk Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Tcl/Tk in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including language, Overview, ...

The Linux Tcl and Tk HOWTO: What is Tcl/Tk


Tcl is the acronym for "Tool Command Language" (it is pronounced "tickle"). ... Extensions to Tcl, such as the Tk toolkit, provide mechanisms for communi cating  ...

Tcl/Tk Tutorial - Create GUI using Tk with Tcl Language - Bin-Co


A tutorial for Tcl/Tk language. Teaches how to develop and code graphical applications using Tcl/Tk. Teachs how to make GUI(Graphical User Interface) ...

IDLE and tkinter with Tcl/Tk on macOS | Python.org


IDLE and tkinter with Tcl/Tk on macOS. Important. If you are using Python from a python.org 64-bit/32-bit Python installer for Mac OS X 10.6 and later, you should ...



Scriptics.com - The Script Archive. Scriptics.com - The Script Archive is under reconstruction. Please come back soon. brainbyte internet, Daniel Schwerd

Tcl/Tk · GitHub


The Tk Widget Toolkit For Tcl ... Facilities to make Tk widgets with [incr Tcl] objects. (Mirror of ... An object-oriented extension to Tcl. (Mirror of core.tcl.tk). Updated ...

Imagination: Tcl/tk vs the web : we should abandon web based ...


Jan 31, 2016 ... So in 1996 I learnt Tcl/Tk. At the same time it was the heavy client realm based upon java. Java awt is a descendant of Tk (oak). I speak french.

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Tcl/Tk Software


This page will help you obtain Tcl/Tk for your computer. There are many ways to do this; we'll outline the most popular choices. Tcl and Tk are available on a ...

About Tcl/Tk


Many have called it the "best-kept secret in the software industry". Whether in large companies, small companies, academia or the wild world of open source, ...

Download Tcl | ActiveState


ActiveTcl Community Edition Download ActiveTcl is the leading commercial- grade distribution of the open source Tcl programming language. Download ...