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Tcl is a scripting language created by John Ousterhout. Originally "born out of frustration", ... platforms, both in its full form and in several other small-footprint versions. The combin...



Was Scriptics.com, firm founded by Tcl creator, and original sole author, Professor John Ousterhout. Advocacy, tutorials, documentation, links, news, software, ...

Welcome to the Tclers Wiki! - Tcl/Tk


Tk is a graphical toolkit for Tcl. It allows you to develop graphical applications that run on Windows, Linux, MacOS X and many other platforms. And not just from ...

Tcl/Tk Tutorial


Tcl/Tk Tutorial - Learn Tcl/Tk programming in simple and easy steps using this beginner's tutorial starting from basic concepts of the language, Overview, ...

Tcl Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


This book also discusses the GUI toolkit Tk in considerable extent, even though it's not in the title. For most users, Tcl/Tk form a single conceptual entity.

The Linux Tcl and Tk HOWTO: What is Tcl/Tk


Tcl is the acronym for "Tool Command Language" (it is pronounced "tickle"). ... Extensions to Tcl, such as the Tk toolkit, provide mechanisms for communi cating  ...

Scripting Graphical Commands with Tcl/Tk Mini-HOWTO


A quick introduction by example to creating graphical user interfaces for command line applications with Tcl and Tk.

IDLE and tkinter with Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X | Python.org


IDLE and tkinter with Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X. Important. If you are using Python from a python.org 64-bit/32-bit Python installer for Mac OS X 10.6 and later, you ...

Tcl/Tk Tutorial - Create GUI using Tk with Tcl Language - Bin-Co


A tutorial for Tcl/Tk language. Teaches how to develop and code graphical applications using Tcl/Tk. Teachs how to make GUI(Graphical User Interface) ...

Tcl::Tk - search.cpan.org


The Tcl::Tk module provides access to the Tk library within Tcl/Tk installation. By using this module an interpreter object created, which then gain access to entire  ...

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Tcl/Tk Software


This page will help you obtain Tcl/Tk for your computer. There are many ways to do this; we'll outline the most popular choices. Tcl and Tk are available on a ...

About Tcl/Tk


Many have called it the "best-kept secret in the software industry". Whether in large companies, small companies, academia or the wild world of open source, ...

Download Tcl | ActiveState


ActiveTcl Community Edition Download ActiveTcl is the leading commercial- grade distribution of the open source Tcl programming language. Download ...