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Telegraphy is the long-distance transmission of textual or symbolic messages without the physical exchange of an object bearing the message. Thus semaphore ...

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Find out more about the history of Morse Code & the Telegraph, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

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Telegraph, any device or system that allows the transmission of information by coded signal over distance. Many telegraphic systems have been used over the ...

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Latest news, business, sport, comment, lifestyle and culture from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.

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It was the European optical telegraph, or semaphore, that was the predecessor of the electrical recording telegraph that changed the history of communication ...

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Invention of the Telegraph. Long before Samuel F. B. Morse electrically transmitted his famous message 'What hath God wrought?' from Washington to ...

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Telegraph definition, an apparatus, system, or process for transmitting messages or signals to a distant place, especially by means of an electric device ...

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A telegraph is a system in which information is communicated over a wire with a series of electrical current pulses, usually in the form of Morse code.

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By Shaun Antonio, sca5014@psu.edu. The telegraph was the first from of communication that could be sent from a great distance and was a landmark in human ...

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A brief historical overview: The printing press was the big innovation in communications until the telegraph was developed. Printing remained the key format for ...

[tel-i-graf, -grahf]
an apparatus, system, or process for transmitting messages or signals to a distant place, especially by means of an electric device consisting essentially of a sending instrument and a distant receiving instrument connected by a conducting wire or other communications channel.
Nautical. an apparatus, usually mechanical, for transmitting and receiving orders between the bridge of a ship and the engine room or some other part of the engineering department.
a telegraphic message.
to transmit or send (a message) by telegraph.
to send a message to (a person) by telegraph.
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