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Robert Erskine (1735 – 1780) was a Scottish inventor and engineer who came to the British Thirteen Colonies in 1771 to run the ironworks at Ringwood, New ...

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Erskine PTO Summer Reading Olympics 2016 ... Vision - All students at Robert Erskine Elementary School will excel in their future profession. Mission - All ...

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Robert definition, Henry Martyn [mahr-tn] /ˈmɑr tn/ (Show IPA), 1837–1923, U.S. engineer and authority on parliamentary ... The Eye of Dread Payne Erskine.

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American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. .... tell the tale of "stalwart folk that lived erst while," of "King Robert of Scotland that hardy ...

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One also finds a glossary and definition of chemistry at the beginning with an ..... The Scottish physician Robert Erskine arrived in Russia during the summer of ...

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Childers | (Robert) Erskine. 1870–1922, Irish politician, executed by the Irish Free State for his IRA activities: author of the spy story The Riddle of... | Definition ...

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Define gentilesse: decorum of conduct befitting a member of the gentry.

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On Limitations to Freedom of Speech by Thomas Erskine. ... Robert Boyle, born in 1627, the chemist and physicist, who founded the Boyle Lectureship for the ...

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Feb 6, 2009 ... Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus: Word Routes - "I'm willing to take my ... a poem by another writer, Robert Normile Rose, entitled "Exhortation. ... The Historical Dictionary of American Slang notes a usage from 1930, in Erskine ...

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Define Childers: Erskine Hamilton 1905–1974 Irish (Eng.-born) polit.; pres. of Ireland (1973–74)

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Born on September 7, 1735 in Dunfermline, Scotland, Robert Erskine was an inventor, engineer, ironmaster, and land surveyor. He was awarded a Fellowship  ...

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(Biography) Thomas, 1st Baron. 1750–1823, Scottish lawyer: noted as a defence advocate, esp in cases involving civil liberties. Collins English Dictionary ...

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The youngest son in a noble Scottish family, Thomas Erskine excelled at law and gained renown .... Prayer," written by his friend and fellow Scot, Robert Burns: " Erskine a spunkie Norland billie. ... Words near Thomas Erskine in the dictionary  ...