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The transputer was a pioneering microprocessor architecture of the 1980s, featuring integrated memory and serial communication links, intended for parallel  ...

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This is a fully working Inmos T414 Transputer and Iserver emulator based on Julian Highfield's work for the PC. Key word: PC Transputer Emulator, PC based  ...

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Welcome to Ram Meenakshisundaram's Transputer Home Page. "…sequential computers are approaching a fundamental physical. limit on their potential ...

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What is Transputer ? • The first single chip computer designed for message- passing parallel systems, in 1980s, by the company INMOS. • Transistor Computer.

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The Inmos Transputer was a British-designed, novel parallel microprocessor architecture from the early 1980s. The Transputer was unique in that each ...

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What, you ask, is a Transputer? This is a Transputer. Now that you know what it is that I am talking about, let me explain why this webpage is helping to clutter up ...

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To design the transputer, the Bristol team first created a design system. (The US memory design teams still used draughtsmen, as their effort was in tuning the ...

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The Inmos transputer was more than a family of processor chips; it was a concept , a new way of looking at system design problems. In many ways that concept ...

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Jun 12, 2013 ... impressive capabilities of the Transputer Architecture… “The Inmos Transputer was more than a family of processor chips; it was a concept, ...

May 5, 2010 ... Inmos Transputer CPU demo video from the early 1990s. The CPUs are still used but have been superseded by current technology.
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David May's Transputer Page. From 1979 I worked in Bristol as the architect of the Inmos transputer and still have a large collection of material about the design,  ...

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Other information relevant to all transputer products is contained in the occam programming manual (supplied with INMOS software products and available as a  ...

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Transputer. This section is all about the wonderful and ingenious Transputers from the now defunct UK company Inmos Ltd.. I'm not going into all the nitty-gritty  ...