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Uzbekistan (US: /ʊzˈbɛkᵻˌstæn, -ˌstɑːn/ ( About this sound listen), UK: /ʊzˌ bɛkᵻˈstɑːn, ʌz-, -ˈstæn/), officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: ...


Uzbek or Uzbekistani may refer to: Something of, from, or related to the country of Uzbekistan · Uzbeks, an ethnic group; Uzbeg Khan (1282–1341), the khan of ...


Uzbek is a Turkic language and the official language of Uzbekistan. It has 27 million native speakers and is spoken by the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan and elsewhere ...


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Uzbek: any member of a Central Asian people found chiefly in Uzbekistan, but also in other parts of Central Asia and in Afghanistan. The Uzbeks speak either of  ...


Uzbek is a Turkic language spoken mainly in Uzbekistan by about 16.5 million people.


From Russian узбек (uzbek), from Uzbek oʻzbek. The ultimate origin is disputed, but the first element is often thought to be equivalent to English Oghuz.


Letters: One of the most eloquent and, indeed, elegant flight attendants I have ever seen was on an Aeroflot flight from Tashkent to Leningrad in the 1980s.


Dear Visitor, Welcome to the new official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Washington, D.C.. We hope this site will help you to enhance ...