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Die Walküre (1870)
Die Walküre is an opera in German by Richard Wagner. The work premiered in Munich.

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In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Selecting among half of those ...

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A valkyrie (pronounced “VAL-ker-ee”; Old Norse valkyrja, plural valkyrjur, “ choosers of the fallen”) is a female helping spirit of the god Odin. The modern image of ...

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Drama · A dramatization of the 20 July assassination and political coup plot by desperate ... Videos. Valkyrie -- Clip: First five minutes of the film Valkyrie -- Valkyrie: "The Resistance" ...

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Critics Consensus: Given the subject matter, Valkyrie could have been an outstanding historical thriller, but settles for being a mildly entertaining, but disposable ...



Valkyrie has been cultivating a presence in the heavy rock and doom metal underground since 2002. Classic heavy rock and metal. No trends, no retro rock  ...

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Light TV.

Valkyrie and the German Resistance: Remembering the July 20th plot


Jul 19, 2016 ... First Lieutenant Graf Yorck von Wartenburg, Valkyrie conspirator. One of the most intriguing fields of World War II history deals with the German ...

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Incredible Hulk #142 (1971); (Amora as Valkyrie) Avengers #83 (1970); ( Samantha as Valkyrie) Incredible Hulk #142 (1971); (Brunnhilde as Valkyrie) Defenders ...

EVE: Valkyrie: Welcome to the next life


EVE: Valkyrie (formerly EVE-VR) is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter set in the EVE universe that uses virtual reality to give the player the sense of being a real ...