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VBScript ("Visual Basic Scripting Edition") is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft that is modeled on Visual Basic. It is designed as a ...

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VBScript is a light version of Microsoft's programming language Visual Basic. VBScript is the default scripting language in ASP (Active Server Pages).

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VBScript Language Reference. The following sections include information about the elements that comprise the VBScript language.

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VBScript Tutorial. ... Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition VBScript Tutorial, VBScript Language Reference · What Is VBScript? Adding VBscript Code to an ...

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CreateObject Create an automation object / run an external command . CreateShortcut Create Shortcut cscript Run a VBScript .vbs file .CurrentDirectory Retrieve ...

May 24, 2011 ... As for Александр Сошников and his method of converting VBScript to EXE. ... good video... i know vbscript.... but i didnt learn with videos or ...

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You didn't run out to the computer store and buy a copy of VBScript. You didn't install a VBScript disk on your computer, either. All you did was install the Internet  ...

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VBScript stands for Visual Basic Script, a scripting language developed by Microsoft to be used with Microsoft products, mainly Internet Explorer. It has gone  ...

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Detailed description of the capabilities of the VBScript RegExp Object.

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This VBScript Tutorial is for beginners. It teaches you VBScript from the ground up - starting with the basics. This tutorial assumes you are comfortable coding ...

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VBScript. Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition brings active scripting to a wide variety of environments, including Web client scripting in Microsoft Internet ...

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VBScript Tutorial - Learn VBScript in simple and easy steps starting from Environment Setup, Basic Syntax, Placement, variables, Constants, Operators, Decision ...

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VBScript is an interpreted script language from Microsoft that is a subset of its Visual Basic programming language.