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The Venera series space probes were developed by the Soviet Union between 1961 and 1984 to gather data from Venus, Venera being the Russian name for ...

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Jan 6, 2005 ... Venera 16 - Soviet Venus Orbiter (1983) Venera 15 - Soviet Venus Orbiter (1983) Venera 14 - Soviet Venus Lander (1981) Venera 13 - Soviet ...

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The Soviet space program to Venus in the late 1960's, 70's, and early 80's was very successful, with 13 of 16 Venera missions safely reaching the planet.

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The Soviet Venera program, from 1961 to 1985, is one of the largest efforts ever undertaken to study another planet. The fundamentals of interplanetary ...

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Attempts to carry phototelevision cameras to Venus in 1962 and 1965 failed, but the Venera-9 orbiter performed the first long-term imaging survey of cloud ...

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Venera-11 and Venera-12. Soviet scientists again skipped a launch window to Venus in 1977, while preparing the next lander mission. It included a battery of ...

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Russian series of spacecraft that explored the planet Venus. Venera spacecraft made the first soft landings on the surface of Venus and returned the first images  ...

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In 1975, Soviet scientists launched two probes to Venus, which transmitted first ever images from the surface of the planet.

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Designed by Joe Prince. Venera is a typeface in 5 weights that captures the futuristic forms of the space race. Featuring full language support in each weight,  ...

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[vuh-nair-uh; Russian vyi-nye-ruh]
one of a series of Soviet space probes that obtained scientific information about the atmosphere of Venus.
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