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[vuh-nair-uh; Russian vyi-nye-ruh]
one of a series of Soviet space probes that obtained scientific information about the atmosphere of Venus.
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The Venera series space probes were developed by the Soviet Union between 1961 and 1984 to gather data from Venus, Venera being the Russian name for ...

Russia's unmanned missions to Venus - RussianSpaceWeb.com


The Venera spacecraft with a radar antenna during pre-launch processing. Credit : ... Venera-1. Impact. 8K78/L1-7. Failed on its way to Venus. Aug. 25, 1962.

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Nov 19, 2012 ... Venera 13, a Soviet spacecraft, was the first lander to transmit color images from the surface of Venus. Although other landers arrived before ...

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Jan 6, 2005 ... Spacecraft and mission profiles from the National Space Science Data Center.

Venera: The Soviet Exploration of Venus - Don P. Mitchell


The Soviet Venera program, from 1961 to 1985, is one of the largest efforts ever undertaken to study another planet. The fundamentals of interplanetary ...

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Italian[edit]. Proper noun[edit]. Venera ? A female given name, cognate to English Venera ... Venera f (4th declension). (Roman mythology) Venus (Roman ...

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Venera is a typeface in 5 weights that captures the futuristic forms of the space race. Featuring full language support in each weight, its extended format is ...

Feb 3, 2016 ... NEXT: Sure getting to Venus or even Mars is easy. But what about the outer planets which we exponentially further away? Find out.