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A warlord is a leader able to exercise military, economic, and political control over a subnational territory within a sovereign state due to his ability to mobilize ...

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Warlord definition, a military leader, especially of a warlike nation. See more.

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A warlord was a military leader in charge of civilian territory. The Confederacy of Independent Systems made use of several warlords like General Grievous, who ...

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Kes is taken over by the mind-force of an obsessive rebel. On the holodeck, Neelix introduces...

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Define warlord: a leader of a military group who is not officially recognized and who fights against other leaders, groups, or governments.

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Dynamos on the field of combat, warlords walk the line of victory and ruin through their determination to achieve glory. Where some may talk tactics, the warlord ...

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Jul 18, 2002 ... The Imperial Box, Boxed set, 2014. The Ten Commandments (Warlord Through the Years), Compilation, 2014. Live at Keep It True XVI, Single ...

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A military commander exercising civil power in a region, whether in nominal allegiance to the national government or in defiance of it.