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Sputnik' (Спутник)', a Russian word meaning "satellite" or literally "fellow traveler" , is a name applied to certain spacecraft l...

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Feb 28, 2012 ... Hint: It has a lot to do with love. Learn the other and more useful meaning of the word "sputnik".

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“Do you know what 'Sputnik' means in Russian? 'Travelling companion'. I looked it up in a dictionary not long ago. Kind of a strange coincidence if you think ...

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Top Definition. sputnik. A series of Russian artificial satellites sent into orbit during ... Sputnik I made history on October 4, 1957, by becoming the first man- made ...

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Sputnik definition, (sometimes initial capital letter) any of a series of Soviet ... Why Does the USA Depend on Russian Rockets to Get Us Into Space?

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Meaning: A Russian artificial satellite. Classified under: Nouns denoting man- made objects. Context example: Sputnik was the first man-made satellite to orbit  ...

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Sep 28, 2007 ... Compiled by the U.S. News library staff. 1. The former Soviet Union launched Sputnik I, the first man-made satellite, on Oct. 4, 1957. 2.

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The Sputnik 1 spacecraft was the first artificial satellite successfully placed in orbit around ... The Russian word "Sputnik" means "companion" ("satellite" in the ...

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The Russian word sputnik: prefix c, pronounced 's' in English, means with; put is path; nik attaches the word to a person. So sputnik: the one on the same path ...

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Any of a series of Soviet satellites sent into Earth orbit, especially the first, launched October 4, 1957. [Russian sputnik (zemli), fellow traveler (of Earth) : so- , s-, ...

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Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. ... email cite discuss. sputnik. See definition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Line breaks: sput|nik ... Russian, literally 'fellow-traveller'. More.

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The common translation is traveling companion of the Earth. When the satellite Sputnik was first launched in space in October of 1957, the New York Times gave  ...

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Define Sputnik: any of a series of earth-orbiting satellites launched by the Soviet Union ... Russian, literally, traveling companion, from s, so with + put' path.

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Jan 26, 2005 ... What does Sputnik mean in English - trivia question /questions answer / answers.