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List of European countries by area


Below is a list of all countries in Europe, in order of geographical area. Europe's total geographical area is 10,176,246 km². A bar graph with logarithmic scale, showing the sizes in three...

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What Happens When You Take a Testosterone Supplement ... Finland – Finland is Europe's 7th largest country, and the EU's 5th largest, with an area of ...

Europe's Largest and Smallest Countries by Area - World Map


Europe Map presenting the largest as well as smallest countries by area. The map of European countries by area is showing the countries by the larger area and smallest area individually. ... What's New?

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The Question: According to your info Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe. Which are the three bigger ones? The Answer: Since the breakup of the  ...

The Largest and the Smallest Countries in the World by Area ...


European Russia, 3,960,000, Europe, Largest European country, 77% of Russia's population live in the European part of Russia, three-fourths of the entire  ...

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Oct 30, 2012 ... Russia is in Europe and is the biggest country in Europe, dummy .... +Jenna How Stupid Humans Are In Earth Finland Is Bigger Than Norway.

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European Countries by Area: Refer to this list to learn the area of Europe's ... Europe is made up of 45 different countries which range in size from some of the largest in the world to some of the smallest .... What Are the Different Types of Maps?

What is the largest country in Western Europe? | Reference.com


The largest country in Western Europe by land area is France, with an area of 211209 square miles. It is followed by Spain, which has an area of 194897 square ...

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Mar 27, 2015 ... Population, Sex ratio and Population density of European countries. Top five most populated country of Europe is Russian Federation, ...

List of European countries by GDP 2014 - StatisticsTimes.com


Sep 3, 2015 ... Total gdp of Europe is $22804 and $25436 billion in nominal and ppp terms, respectively.