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There are various causes for recurrent miscarriage, and some are treatable. Some couples never have a cause identified, often after ...


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis - UCLA ... there could be an abnormality in the uterus (the womb) that leads to miscarriage.


Multiple Miscarriages: Causes, Tests and Treatments. By Rafat Abbasi, MD, FACOG Published in Resolve, for the journey and beyond, Spring 2013 issue.


There are many causes of miscarriage, but they are usually divided into two groups: early and late. Recurrent early miscarriages (within the first trimester) are  ...


What is the likelihood of having repeated miscarriages? A small number of women (1%) will have repeated miscarriages. What is the most common cause of  ...


Women who go on to have two or three miscarriages (called recurrent miscarriage) may ultimately learn they have a medical problem that is causing their ...


When you have endured recurrent miscarriage, the ... out more about what causes recurrent miscarriage.


CHR's fertility doctors specialize in preventing miscarriage and repeated pregnancy loss. Miscarriage causes and miscarriage prevention.


There are many possible causes for recurrent miscarriage, including: genetic and hormonal problems; infection and thrombophilic (blood-clotting) defects; ...


Overall about 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage due to a non-recurrent cause. So, the risk of two consecutive losses is 20% of 20% or 4% of women will  ...