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Chloroplasts /ˈklɔːrəˌplæsts, -plɑːsts/ are organelles, specialized subunits, in plant and .... The first definitive description of a chloroplast (Chlorophyllk...

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A chloroplast is a basic organelle that in a sense is one of the most important organelles to us, and we don't even have them! In this lesson, we...

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Chloroplast definition, a plastid containing chlorophyll. See more.

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The word chloroplast is derived from the Greek word "chloros" meaning "green" and "plastes" meaning "the one who ...

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Feb 27, 2015 ... Characteristics of chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are a type of plastid—a round, oval, or disk-shaped body that is involved in the synthesis and ...

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The following diagram of a chloroplast shows the structure of a chloroplast including the main parts - the ... Characteristics of Life · What is a Eukaryotic Cell ?

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chlo·ro·plast also chlo·ro·plas·tid n. A plastid that contains chlorophyll and is found in the cells of green plants and algae. [chloro- + plast(id).] chlo′ro·plas′ tic ...

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Cellular component - Chloroplast stroma ... Definition. The internal space enclosed by the chloroplast double membrane but excluding the thylakoid space.

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Cellular component - Chloroplast thylakoid membrane. Basket 0 ... Definition. The thylakoid membranes of a chloroplast is an internal system of interconnected  ...

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The definition of a chloroplast is a part of a plant that has chlorophyll and conducts photosynthesis. An example of a chloroplast is a cell in algae that consumes ...

Chloroplasts are organelle bodies which contain pigments such as chlorophyll. They are photosynthesizing centers and are found in the cells of organisms that produce their energy from the sun.
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Cross-section of chloroplast with labels. Membranes, Stromal Lamellae, Thylakoid, Stroma Chloroplasts are the food producers of the cell. The organelles are ...

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The chloroplast is the place in a plant cell where photosynthesis happens. Your rose bushes have chloroplasts, but you don't.

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Jul 26, 2004 ... The organelle that carries out photosynthesis and starch grain formation. A chlorophyll-containing organelle in plants that is the site of ...