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A modern day witch hunt is described by Care 2 as a situation where a mob mentality attacks someone or something while operating on dubious premises. It is essentially a situation ...

The story of several families who have their lives destroyed when their hometown is whipped into a frenzy by allegations of child molestation More>>



From at least the 1930s, the term "witch-hunt" has been used figuratively to describe activities by governments (and, occasionally, by business entities) to seek ...

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Define witch hunt: the act of unfairly looking for and punishing people who are accused of having opinions that are believed to be dangerous or evil—usage, ...

The Witch Hunt is named such because Strega (Italian for witch) liqueur is hidden in the drink. What I enjoy about this drink is that it is a summery way to enjoy Scotch. It has a touch of sophistication with the whisky and vermouth, but is twisted with lemonade and h... More »
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Witch Hunt. Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to ...

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Witch-hunt definition, to subject to a witch hunt. See more.

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An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

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The noun witch-hunt itself in the literal sense dates to 1885, in the metaphorical sense to 1938. The sense of a campaign against a single individual dates to ...

Witch Hunt Translation Project


The Witch Hunt Translation Project is a fan group translating the Japanese Visual Novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni into English. We also follow the progress of ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Who created the witch hunt?
A: Many think that the witch hunts of Early Modern Europe were caused by the invention of the printing press. The first texts to be produced were Christian texts, ... Read More »
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Q: What is a witch-hunt?
A: Witch-hunt originally used as an excuse to persecute those who had different beliefs by religeous puritans. double click witch-hunt for a complete definition Read More »
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Q: What was the purpose of the witch hunts.
A: Witch hunts were motivated by superstitious fear. Since people in the middle ages had no understanding of most of the aspects of their lives, such as the causes... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of a witch hunt.
A: In an historical perspective, it was the search, or hunting of witches or evidence of witchcraft that in some instances were actually legally sanctioned searche... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of witch hunt.
A: A witch-hunt means "searching out and harassing dissenters" it's a Read More »
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