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XBasic is a variant of the BASIC programming language that was developed in the late 1980s for the Motorola 88000 CPU and Unix by Max Reason. In the early  ...

xbasic - Max Reason


A primary site for information on the XBasic programming language created by Max Reason. XBasic is Free and made available as open-source software.

XBasic Development Page


This site provides the most current version of the XBasic programming language.

XBasic download | SourceForge.net


Apr 8, 2013 ... XBasic download. XBasic 2013-04-08 17:47:15 free download. XBasic XBasic is an integrated software development environment including an ...

XBasic - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


XBasic is a variant of the BASIC programming language. Xbasic was developed in the late 1980s for the Motorola 88000 CPU and Unix. In the early 1990s ...

Introduction - Learning Xbasic : Alphapedia

wiki.alphasoftware.com/~alphafiv/Introduction - Learning Xbasic

May 26, 2009 ... Introduction - Learning Xbasic. Xbasic is Alpha Fives built-in programming language. Out of the box, Alpha Five is a powerful database and ...

Sep 28, 2012 ... We are starting a new series of lessons which is how to write xBasic code and the contrast between xBasic and Action Scripting. This video ...

XBasic - Yahoo Groups


Mailing list for Xbasic users. ... Unsubscribe : xbasic-unsubscribe@yahoogroups. com; List Owner : xbasic-owner@yahoogroups.com ...

The Xbasic Programming Environment : Alphapedia

wiki.alphasoftware.com/~alphafiv/The Xbasic Programming Environment

The Xbasic Programming Environment. Xbasic is Alpha Five's programming language. You use Xbasic to create scripts. Scripts can be run in several different  ...

ATEC 2008 Xbasic - Proctor & Peake, Inc.


To the non-programmer, getting started with Alpha Five's Xbasic programming language ... easier to learn, test and use Xbasic in your Alpha Five applications.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is XBasic?
A: XBasic is an integrated software development environment including anadvanced compiler, edit/run/debug environment, and interactiveGUI-Designer. XBasic runs on ... Read More »
Source: www.xs4all.nl
Q: How do we do communicate through the Internet in XBasic?
A: We import the Xin library in the PROLOG (if necessary, also winsock): IMPORT "xin" IMPORT "wsock32" ' (Only in XBasic versions 6.0021 and lower.) First we take ... Read More »
Source: gnetools.sourceforge.net
Q: Where does one get the "Phone Messages sample database" refered t...
A: Nevermind - it's under the XBasic folder sorry for the bother old tony Read More »
Source: msgboard.alphasoftware.com
Q: Has anyone ever written an Xbasic script for calculating Modulo 1...
A: And I just adapted this from something I found on the net. FUNCTION cksm128 AS C (input_string AS C ) '* '* Initialize running total with value of start charact... Read More »
Source: msgboard.alphasoftware.com
Helpful Resources

XBasic Official Web Site


Official site of the free and open-source language. The development kit includes a compiler, linker, and PDE.