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XQL était un langage d'interrogation de données formatées en XML dont la sémantique est proche de celle de XQuery et de XPath. Soumis au W3C par ...

XQL (XML Query Language) - Ibiblio

Intended as input for the upcoming W3C query language activity, the XQL language described in this paper contains several features not in previously published ...

What is XQL (XML Query Language)? - Definition from

XQL (XML Query Language) is a way to locate and filter the elements (data fields ) and text in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document. XML files ar...

XQL: A Query Language for XML Data

XQL: A Query Language for XML Data Hiroshi Ishikawa, Kazumi Kubota, Yasuhiko Kanemasa Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. 1. Introduction ...
Warning: Take great care when opening executable file formats received via email or downloaded from websites you're not familiar with. If you know of any, please send me a quick email and let me know the name of the program so I can update this page. If you find that ... More »
By Tim Fisher, Guide

XML Query Language (XQL) - MSDN - Microsoft

XML Query Language (XQL) provides a mechanism for retrieving and interpreting Extensible Markup Language (XML) data. XQL is similar to Extensible ...

XML::XQL::Tutorial -

XQL (XML Query Language) provides a natural extension to the XSL pattern language. It builds upon the capabilities XSL provides for identifying classes of ...


The XML::XQL module implements the XQL (XML Query Language) proposal submitted to the XSL Working Group in September 1998. The spec can be found  ...

XML::XQL::Query -

To perform XQL queries on an XML::DOM document (or, in the future, on other XML storage structures), you first have to create an XML::XQL::Query object and ...

XQL (XML Query Language)

The basic constructs of XQL correspond directly to the basic structures of. XML, and XQL is closely related to XPath, the common locator syntax used by XSL and  ...

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Q: What is an XQL File?
A: A file with the XQL file extension is a XML Query Language file. Other types of files may also use the XQL file extension. If you know of any additional file fo... Read More »
Q: What does XQL stand for?
A: XML Query Language Read More »
Q: Which xml parser? Do I need xql library?
A: But then again, there's nothing to stop you from using other Parsers that support C++! Read More »
Q: Does anyone know of a XQL engine implemented in C++ that is avail...
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Q: Who has implemented XQL?
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