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Graphing Exponential Functions: Step-by-Step Instructions


Graph y = 3<sup>x</sup>. Since 3<sup>x</sup> grows so quickly, I will not be able to find many reasonably-graphable points on the right-hand side of the graph. And 3<sup>x</sup> will very quickly ...

SOLUTION: Graph y = 3x. I am not understanding how to solve this ...


SOLUTION: Graph y = 3x. I am not understanding how to solve this type of problem and then graph it. Can you help break it down for me. I have to do a number ...



Enter Graph Equations: f(x)= f(x)= f(x)= f(x) ... to; X Tick Distance: Y Tick Distance: ... For example, don't type " x^(1/3) " to compute the cube root of x. Instead, use ...

Graphing Equations of Straight Lines - Regents Exam Prep Center


There are several ways to graph a straight line given its equation. ... y = 3x + 2. 2. The number in front of x is the slope. (If necessary, place this number over 1 to

Graphing using x- and y-intercepts | Graphing with intercept | Khan ...


Identify the x and y-intercepts of the line; y is equal to 3x minus 9. Then graph the line. So the x-intercept, I'll just abbreviate it; as x-int, that is where the line ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Graphs of y = 1 over x


Graphs of y = 1 over x. Graphs of the form y = <sup>1</sup>/x, <sup>2</sup>/x, <sup>3</sup>/x, etc., are known as reciprocal graphs, and they all have a similar shape: image: graph for the three ...

Sketch Graphs - Interactive Mathematics Teacher


It includes using the x-intercept and y-intercept as two points to draw the ... From the ongoing discussion we can infer that y = 3x + 6 is a straight line with a ...

Graphing Linear Equations - Hotmath


The graph of a linear equation in two variables is a line (that's why they call it linear). ... Graph the line y = 3x + 1. From the equation, we know that the y- intercept ...

Graphing Calculator Manual – Part II


Once the equation is in the proper form, the equation can be graphed easily. EXAMPLE. Graph y=3x+4 on your calculator. PRESS: Y= and then enter equation.

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Q: Y=3-x Graph using the point plotting method?
A: http://i46.tinypic.com/2rpbi50.png. Graph of Y = -x + 3 through the points (0, 2) and (1, 2) Source(s) http://www.algebra.com/algebra/homework/Graphs/Graphs.faq... Read More »
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Q: What do the graph of y = [3x] and the graph of y = [3x] look like...
A: These are step functions. The graphs consists of horizontal steps (not slanted segments) a different step 1/3 unit long at each integer value of y. The graph of... Read More »
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Q: What is Y=3x+2 quickway graph?
A: This looks like a normal exponential function, except that it gets small from left to Read More »
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Q: What is graph Y=3x?
A: Did you hear about the 2 antennae that got married? The wedding wasn't great, but the reception Read More »
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Q: How do you graph y=3x?
A: Obtain the points coordinates for the equation y = 3x: For x = 1, y = 3(1) = 3, hence the point is (1, 3). Similarly, for x = 2, y = 3(2) = 6, hence the point i... Read More »
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