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Cubic zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The synthesized material is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless, but may be  ...

What is Cubic Zirconia? Cubic Zironcia vs. Diamond. Is CZ Real?


Is cubic zirconia real? Is cubic zirconia a diamond? Cubic zirconia vs. diamonds; What is the cubic zirconia price? Are there colored cubic zirconia?

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Cubic zirconia is created in a lab yet it dazzles with a brilliant sparkle like a diamond. The name “cubic” refers to the crystal symmetry and “zirconia” is the ...

Zirconia Crowns - (Dis)Advantages, Prices, Procedure | Dental ...


The aesthetic effects alone of a zirconia crown should be the biggest advantage it can give. It is important that you have dental crowns that will look natural ...

Swarovski Zirconia - Swarovski Gemstones and Zirconia


Made with Swarovski Zirconia” Indicates that the product contains 100% Zirconia that is precision cut and polished by Swarovski.

Zirconia - Swarovski Gemstones and Zirconia


Zirconia is a created stone and is the most perfectly simulated diamond in the world.

The Difference Between Cubic Zirconia and Cubic Zirconium


Cubic zirconia and cubic zirconium are not the same thing. Take a look at the difference between cubic zirconia and cubic zirconium.

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Cubic Zirconia Rings: Free Shipping on orders over $45! Shop our large selection of cubic zirconia rings at discount prices from Overstock.com Your Online ...

Zircon vs Cubic Zirconia - Jewelry Television


We understand if it's difficult to differentiate zircon from synthetic cubic zirconia( CZ). While zircon and cubic zirconia have similar appearances and names, that's  ...

Cubic Zirconia Rings - HSN.com


Discover inspired rings featuring cubic zirconia at HSN. These fabulous cubic zirconia rings are available in a range of styles from understated to bold.

zirconium oxide
Chemistry. a white, heavy, amorphous, odorless and tasteless, infusible, water-insoluble powder, ZrO2, used chiefly as a pigment for paints, an abrasive, and in the manufacture of refractory crucibles.
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