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The Znamya project was a series of experimental orbital mirrors, designed to beam solar power to Earth by reflecting sunlight. It consisted of two experiments ...


Znamya is a Russian monthly literary magazine, which was established in Moscow in 1931. In 1931-1932, the magazine was published under the name of Lokaf ...


Znamya ("Banner", Russian: Знамя) is a newspaper established by ultra- nationalist Black Hundreds journalist Pavel Krushevan in Petersburg. It is known for ...


Jan 21, 2016 ... In 1993, the 65-foot-diameter satellite, called Znamya, briefly lit the Earth like a giant orbiting night light.


Jan 20, 2016 ... He assembled a team that would build the satellite that would come to be known as the Znamya ("Banner"). It was, essentially, a 65-foot wide ...


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Feb 4, 1999 ... It is an experiment with a space mirror called Znamya, the Russian word for " banner". Russian scientists have long hoped to harness the sun's ...


Feb 5, 1999 ... Note: The difference between Znamya 2.5 and the earlier Znamya 2 is that 2.5 will be able to fix the reflected light on a given Earth target for ...


«Знамя» - толстый литературный журнал, издающийся с 1931 года, в котором печатались корифеи советской литературы, а после 1985 г.


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