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Sleep in fish


Whether fish sleep is an intriguing question, to the point of having inspired the title of several .... The brain might not be able to do this while still assailed by new stimuli and new information...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... The nature of fish "sleep" is an area of active research. While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest.

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Aug 10, 2015 ... How do whales and dolphins sleep without drowning? ..... dang :0 glad I'm not a fish! that sounds like a lot of work.. Read more. Show less.

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A peek into nighttime at the aquarium. Most animals sleep, and fish are no different. But how water-dwellers snooze can look really different from the way ...

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Mar 9, 2014 ... The short answer is yes; most fish do sleep. While most fish don't have eyelids, they do have a regular period of reduced activity and ...

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Mar 3, 2015 ... Less like sleep and more like suspended animation, most fish species do spend some time resting. And like us, if they don't put in enough ...

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Oct 2, 2012 ... This puffet fish looks like it might be sleeping, and scientists tell us that yes ... Scientists have found that most fish do sleep, and as with humans, ...

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From the fifty-one-foot whale shark Rhincodon typus to a less-than-one-half-inch fish in the minnow family--the tiny Paedocypris progenetica--fish certainly carry ...

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Jun 15, 2015 ... It is believed that fish sleep, although it is a controversial subject; some fish keep very still, experiencing a quiet period (quiescence) that you ...

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Dec 23, 2015 ... Most of us have felt that the fish are asleep sometimes when we are on the water, but do fish actually sleep? Biologists say not exactly.

Fish generally go into an energy saving mode of "rest" but do not "sleep" in the same way land animals do.
Since they do not have eyelids, they sleep with their eyes open.
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Apr 23, 2014 ... Do fish sleep? And assuming they do, HOW do fish sleep? If you've ever watched fish for any length of time, you know they get plenty of ...

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Mar 4, 2008 ... Answer:Yes fish sleep. But it's not sleep as we know it. They don't have eyelids to close, they sometimes do it during the day, they don't show ...

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Ponder, if you will ... Why are tennis balls fuzzy? How come birds don't tip over when they sleep on telephone wires? What makes yawning contagious? Why, oh  ...