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Purring is a non-verbal communication that originates in the laryngeal muscles stimulated by neuron activity, which causes the muscles in the throat to twitch at 25 to 150 vibratio...

Purring is most often associated with contentment or pleasure. Cats have also been found to purr under extreme stress.
If you have concerns about a cat that purrs excessively or not at all, make an appointment with your vet.



Different cats can sound somewhat different when purring. ... Domestic cats purr at a frequency of 20 to 30 vibrations per second. Eklund .... "Why do cats purr?".

Why Do Cats Purr? It's Not Just Because They're Happy | WIRED


May 8, 2015 ... So, why do it? If it's a form of communication, it's meant for those near and dear, since cats purr at a frequency and volume too low to travel far.

Why do cats purr? | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Jul 16, 2015 ... Have you ever wondered why cats purr? It's easy to assume that cats purr because they're content, but research shows that purring is a means ...

Why do Cats Purr? 3 Reasons Kittens & Cats Purr


When a cat is purring, it is almost impossible to hear the cat's heart or lungs very well, making examination of vital signs difficult. Oddly enough, many cats will ...

Why Do Cats Purr? - WebMD


Feb 18, 2015 ... Purring is the most common sound cats make. Yet we know less about it than meowing, chirping, chattering, hissing, and growling. Yes, cats ...

Why Do Cats Purr? | IFLScience


Jul 15, 2015 ... But how do they actually manage that continuous, comforting purr? Cats were initially divided into two groups, those that can't purr but can roar ...

Why Do Cats Purr? - YouTube


Apr 4, 2013 ... The smaller members of the felid family can purr, but why? Hank takes on this most adorable of life's mysteries in todays episode of SciShow.

Why do cats purr? - Scientific American


Apr 3, 2006 ... Most felid species produce a "purr-like" vocalization. In domestic cats, purring is most noticeable when an animal is nursing her kittens or when ...

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Q: Why do cats purr?
A: It seems most animal communication falls in three large categories: come. go away. stay. For a cat, you roughly have: meow = come (I need something from you) hi... Read More »
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Q: Why do cats purr?
A: Sounds like a Read More »
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Q: Why do cats purr?
A: Indications are that cats don't purr only when they are content and happy. They also purr during tense moments, or even through trauma. When suddenly and violen... Read More »
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Q: Why do cats purr?
A: PICK ME AS BEST ANSWER>LOL!!! It turns out that cats have special wiring! The wiring travels from the brain to the muscles in the voice box, and this wiring is ... Read More »
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Q: Why do cats purr?
A: They are happy and content. Read More »
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