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Anthrax is a serious illness caused by a microbe that lives in soil, called Bacillus anthracis. Inhalation may result in cold and flu symptoms; signs of ingestion include nausea and abdominal pain. More »
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History[edit]. See also: List of anthrax outbreaks.

A History of Anthrax | Anthrax | CDC


Sep 1, 2015 ... Timeline about the history of anthrax, both as a naturally occurring bacteria and as a biological weapon.

The history of anthrax.


J Emerg Med. 2003 May;24(4):463-7. The history of anthrax. Sternbach G(1). Author information: (1)Department of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University ...

History of Anthrax - Anthrax Through the Ages - Texas Department of ...


Aug 19, 2010 ... Anthrax is intertwined with the origins of modern microbiology and immunology. Anthrax was the first disease in history proven to be caused by ...

Brief History of Bacillus Anthracis - Antimicrobe.org

www.antimicrobe.org/h04c.files/history/B anthracis.asp

A Brief History of Bacillus anthracis. (PDF Version). By Jessica Chu. Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) made its first recorded appearance in 1491 B.C. in the early ...

ANTHRAX HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Earliest known description ...


ANTHRAX. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. ✍Earliest known description - 1491 B.C.. ✍Book of Genesis - Fifth plague killing the Egyptians' cattle. ✍Early literature ...



Anthrax has plagued humankind for almost as long as history has been written and we have lived alongside domesticated animals. It is even thought to have ...

CNN.com - Timeline: Anthrax through the ages - October 16, 2001


Oct 16, 2001 ... Although it's surfacing anew as a terrorist weapon, the deadly anthrax disease has plagued the world for centuries, with reports of it dating back ...

The history of anthrax - ScienceDirect


This epidemic represented the largest documented outbreak of human inhalation anthrax in history. In October and November 2001, 22 cases of confirmed or ...

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Q: What is the history of anthrax.
A: Anthrax is one of the oldest diseases of grazing animals such as sheep and cattle and is believed to be the Fifth Plague mentioned in the Book of Exodus in the ... Read More »
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Q: History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job?
A: Saying the History Channel ADMITS it is like saying they are responsible for it. You possibly mean they CLAIM that anthrax is an inside job. Without any sources... Read More »
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Q: History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job?
A: Bostonian. What do you think our unfair tax system is right now? Any different? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer right? Is that the best you got. Plu... Read More »
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Q: What is the history of anthrax in Australia?
A: Anthrax outbreaks have been recorded inAustralia for over 150 years. Read More »
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A: It very well could be. It started last Tuesday, and now it’s really ramping up. Read More »
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