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Abdominal migraine


The diagnosis of abdominal migraines is controversial. Diagnostic ... B. Attacks of abdominal pain lasting 1–72 hours (untreated or ...

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Because abdominal migraines tend to run in families, the doctor ... your child's symptoms match a specific list that migraine experts ...

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A description of Abdominal Migraine with information on symptoms, causes and treatment.

Abdominal migraines: Symptoms in children and adults


In an abdominal migraine, pain is felt in the abdomen rather than the head. Abdominal migraines are rare in adults, but about 4% of all children with migraines ...

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Abdominal migraine is a form of migraine seen mainly in children. ... out to arrive at a diagnosis of abdominal migraine include: urogenital disorders, peptic ulcer, ...

Abdominal migraine: evidence for existence and treatment options.


Paediatr Drugs. 2002;4(1):1-8. Abdominal migraine: evidence for existence and treatment options. Russell G(1), Abu-Arafeh I, Symon DN. Author information:

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Oct 16, 2015 ... These syndromes can cause episodes of vomiting (cyclical vomiting), abdominal pain (abdominal migraine) and dizziness (benign paroxysmal ...

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It is the most common cause of primary headache in children. ... Preschool children with migraine may look ill, with abdominal pain and vomiting relieved by  ...

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Learn the symptoms of abdominal migraine. Visit the Diamond Headache Clinic for diagnosis and treatment of this disorder that affects mainly young children.

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many symptoms, sometimes without a headache at all. Those who suffer with ... children experience their migraine as abdominal pain with no headache at all.

Symptoms of Abdominal Migraines
Abdominal migraines are abdominal pains that are most common in young children, and they are usually described as abdominal pain that is accompanied by vomiting. Discover why abdominal migraines can be so difficult to diagnose with help from a... More »
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Abdominal Migraines in Children and Adults: Get the Facts


Learn about abdominal migraine in children with symptoms of acute, severe, abdominal pain; nausea; vomiting; paleness; and the inability to eat. Treatment is  ...

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Learn about abdominal migraines including symptoms, diagnosis, triggers and other facts about stomach migraines.

Abdominal Migraine: A Cause of Abdominal Pain in Children


Chronic, recurrent abdominal pain occurs commonly in children and adolescents, but abdominal migraine is often not considered in the differential diagnosis.