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Anthoceros is a genus of hornworts in the family Anthocerotaceae. The genus is global in its distribution. Its name means 'flower horn', and refers to the ...

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Aug 5, 2014 ... Occurrence. Anthoceros grows on moist soil. They are present in shady places or ;n the crevices of rocks. Anthoceros erecrus, A. himalayensis, ...

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The genus Anthoceros was established by Micheli in 1729, that is to say, ... Large numbers of species of Anthoceros have been established without sufficient ...

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Habitat. Species of Anthoceros are found growing exposed to sun and shade. Anthoceros spp. can be found on mineral soil, ditches, terraces, and irrigated sites.

Growth of Isolated Sporophytes of Anthoceros


Growth of Isolated Sporophytes of Anthoceros. Douglas Houghton Campbell. Department of Botany, Leland Stanford University. Author information ▻ Copyright ...

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About the Classification Download. Classification for Kingdom Plantae Down to Genus Anthoceros L. emend. Prosk. Click on names to expand them, and on P ...

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The apical growth of Anthoceros is a controversial topic, whether it takes place by a single apical cell or by a group of apical cells. According to Smith (1955) the ...

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Here we report the establishment of Anthoceros agrestis as a model hornwort species for laboratory experiments. Axenic culture conditions for maintenance and ...

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Apr 4, 2011 ... structure and life cycle of Anthoceros. ... ANTHOCEROS (Hornwort)Division: Bryophyta, Class: Anthoceratopsida Order: Anthocerotales Family: ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... Anthoceros ppt. 1. CLASSIFICATION • KINGDOM : Plantae • DIVISION: Anthocerotophyta • CLASS: Anthocerotopsida • ORDER: Anthocerotales ...

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Anthoceros: Gametophytic and Sporophytic Organizations


In this article we will discuss about Anthoceros. After reading this article we will learn about:- 1. Systematic Position of Anthoceros 2. Distribution and Habitat of ...

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The largest genus, Anthoceros, has a worldwide distribution. Dendroceros and Megaceros are mainly tropical genera. Hornworts usually grow on damp soils or  ...

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General; Classification; Subordinate Taxa; Related Links. Anthoceros L. emend. Prosk. Show All Show Tabs hornwort. General Information. Symbol: ANTHO3.