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Induced radioactivity


Induced radioactivity occurs when a previously stable material has been made radioactive by ... The phenomenon by which even light elements are made radioactive by artificial or induced methods is c...

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Artificial radioactivity definition, radioactivity introduced into a nonradioactive substance by bombarding the substance with charged particles. See more.



NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL RADIOACTIVITY. NATURAL RADIOACTIVITY:-. Nuclear reactions which occur spontaneously are said to be an example of natural ...

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ar·ti·fi·cial ra·di·o·ac·tiv·i·ty. the radioactivity of isotopes created by the bombardment of naturally occurring isotopes by subatomic particles, or high levels of x- or ...

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Meaning of natural and artificial radioactivity. Radioactivity is broadly classified into two categories: a) Natural radioactivity and. b) Artificial or Induced ...

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The Discovery of Artificial Radioactivity. Pierre Radvanyi. Honorary Research Director at CNRS. (Centre national de la recherche scientifique). Frédéric Joliot ...

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Irene Joliot-Curie and Frederic Joliot Curie jointly discovered artificial radioactivity. These isotopes rapidly became important tools in biomedical research and in ...

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ARTIFICIAL RADIOACTIVITY. 389. Soon other radioactive substances were discovered, and in. 1898 Madame Curie isolated radium. At this stage a number.

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Artificial Radioactivity. Artificial radiation: the price for better healthcare. For about a century, humanity has been exposed to radiation sources other than those ...

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ARTIFICIAL RADIOACTIVITY. J. W. T. Spinks. <sup>*</sup>Read at the Eightieth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association, Section on Radiology, Saskatoon,  ...

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Medical definition for the term 'artificial radioactivity'

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Define artificial radioactivity: radioactivity produced in a substance by bombardment with high-speed particles (such as protons or neutrons) called…

ARTIFICIAL RADIOACTIVITY On January 15, 1934, I. Curie and F ...


artificial radioactivity was decreased by a reduction in the energy of the bombarding ... of producing artificial radioactivity, as there is certainly no Coulomb field.