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The Aztecs
The Aztec Empire dominated Mesoamerica from Mexico and Guatemala to the territories of Salvador and Honduras for nearly 100 years. This empire consisted of the native speaking people known as the Nahuatl-speakers and those of the Culhua-Mexico.


Mexico-Tenochtitlan commonly known as Tenochtitlan was a Mexica (city-state) located on an island in Lake Texcoco, in the Valley of Mexico. Founded on June  ...


The Aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico, particularly those groups who spoke the Nahuatl language and who dominated large parts of ...


Tenochtitlan was an Aztec city that was arranged in a slightly different manor than other Aztec cities(Smith 186). It was an urban island settlement that housed ...


May 23, 2013 ... Modern-day Mexico City sits atop the ruins of this once-great center of the Aztec Empire.


Home > Ancient Maya Inca Aztec Cities/Ruins. Ancient Maya Inca Aztec Cities/ Ruins. Ancient Maya Inca Aztec Cities/Ruins. Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula.


Question: Who ruled the Aztec cities? Answer: Show Answer. The Emperor appointed a single Noble to run each city. All the cities in the Aztec empire followed ...


Oct 24, 2012 ... I excavate Aztec cities for a living. At the drop of a hat I can go on and on about Aztec cities, describing all kinds of details only a few people in ...


I guess I'd like to know if the natives in what is now the United States had any idea about the huge cities and structures further south. I doubt ...


be aligned roughly to the cardinal directions (most. City Planning: Aztec City Planning. Table 1 Historical sources of planning principles employed in Aztec cities.